Dear Parents:


I would like to welcome you to my e-teacher page. Please check the link to the side for a brief description on how your child's class is set up and going to run this year.  If you find yourself here you are probably looking for one of two things. 


First you are here because would like to contact me. Email, is best way to contact me. My email address is or you can call the school during regular school hours (403)-684-3752. One side note to email, I generally don't access my email on the weekends or holidays as this is the time I spend with my young family so please don't expect a response until we return to classes.


Second reason and probably the main one, is your student missed some school or will be missing some school and you are wondering about homework or missing items.

grade 7-9 students: Any missing homework assignments can be found on your child's moodle page under the homework section. Generally homework has 3-7 days for completion so your child will have a rough idea of when it is due based on when they are missing. Students are expected to talk to me about any missing assignments when they first return to class. If extensions are needed they can be granted when the student returns to class. Any missing quizzes or test will need to be made up when the student returns to class. 

grade 10: Each student has a copy of the term's daily schedule with a copy of the homework items for each lesson. I would encourage students not to miss any days of math but if they need to then their homework will be due upon return to class.


I look forward to working with all your children this year it is going to be a blast. Unless your in senior high then it will be a crazy busy blast.


Have a wonderful day.


Mr. Doerksen