Applesauce- Yum! Yum! Thurs. Sept. 28th



6-8 Apples 

2 Tb. water

1 t. lemon juice

sugar to taste

cinnamon to taste




  1. Cut up apples into small pieces and throw everything in the pot!
  2. add the water and lemon juice
  3. Cook on the stove for 30 minutes.
  4. strain thru a sieve
  5. Add sugar and/or cinnamon to taste.

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Anew beginning for our newest and youngest students at Brant Christian School- we had a wonderful time at the pancake breakfast. 

The Kindergarten classroom is buzzing with 9 enthusiastic and energetic children- 7 boys and 2 girls!

We have learned some very important classroom routines and rules for school and are off to a fantastic start. 

Thank you for the job you have done as parents preparing your child for school and being away from their home environment for the days at school.